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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Teaching Dogs Bite Inhibition

There is a myth that deaf dogs are dangerous because they will bite when they are startled or woken up suddenly.  Because of this myth, many deaf dogs are euthanized instead of finding forever homes.  With education, many people are seeing that this myth is not true, but we have much more educating to do!

Don't worry, they are just playing their favorite game! 
And demonstrating good bite inhibition! 

©Debbie Bauer 2012

All dogs have teeth. All dogs have the ability to bite. Many dogs will never bite someone during their lifetimes. Other dogs may bite only when they are scared or in pain. Dogs that have been taught to be gentle with their mouths will cause less damage if they should ever bite. Many people think that deaf dogs are more likely to bite than other dogs. This is not true. Again, all dogs have the ability to bite, deaf or not. It is important that we teach dogs to use their mouths gently and to be respectful of human skin.

Teaching your deaf or blind-deaf dog to control the strength of its mouth is very important. This is a critical skill for any dog to learn, but sometimes dogs that can’t hear have trouble learning it.

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  1. I own a six-month-old deaf Catahoula, and I am very interested in reading your article about teaching bite inhibition, but when I tried clicking the link, the page could not be found. Do you still have the article and could I read it?