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Monday, April 9, 2012

Basket Video

Here's the Easter Basket video that I wanted to post this morning ... had some technical difficulties.  Treasure had a great time rooting through the paper grass to find treats.  It kept her busy for a half hour!  I just kept throwing in more treats and fluffing up the paper.  Great fun! 

Cadbury Bunny?

Just like people, dogs are individuals and have their likes and dislikes.  My dogs that enjoy posing for pictures posed for Easter pictures this weekend.  Treasure's picture above reminded me of the commercials where the different animals wear bunny ears and try out for the part of the Cadbury Bunny!  Treasure has become quite the pro at posing for pictures.  She does prefer to lay down, since she knows she will be there for awhile ... thus, most of the posed pictures I have of her are lying down pictures. 

Jazzy is just learning the art of posing, although she loves the attention and treats involved.  She prefers to sit, but I can get her to stay for longer if she lies down.   I took Jazzy for a practice therapy dog test this weekend to see how she did and see what we might still need to work on.  I knew we have to do more work on her stays, but some of the other exercises (I thought) we might have trouble with.  I haven't had her to a class, so I wondered how she would perform in a group setting.  But she did great and I think she should be ready to pass the evaluation soon!


After pictures and goodies, Treasure got to have some fun with her new Princess Easter Basket.  Paper Easter grass is the best invention!  Better for the environment, and safe for dogs if they happen to eat any!  It's also great for hiding treats inside for a challenge for your dogs!  Please remember to vote for Treasure in the Hero Dog contest!  We need you to vote every day!  It's easy and fun!  Tell your friends!    Click the link below to vote! 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

READing night

Treasure has branched out to join the PAWS for Reading program at the local library.  She enjoys helping children to feel confident about reading out loud in a safe, non-judgmental setting.  Can she hear the story?  No, but she can feel the soothing petting of hands and the vibrations of the reader's voice.  Although Treasure is fairly laid back, I wondered if she would get bored just laying in one place while people read to her.  But she loves it!  She lays attentively nearby and loves all the extra attention of petting while someone reads out loud.  She seems to know when the reader gets to the end of the story, and will only then get up from her resting place. 

Here's a picture of her at the library with some of her favorite books.  What About Daisy is about a blind-deaf dog, just like Treasure, as is the book For Pete's SakeCool Dog, School Dog is about a dog that goes to school to participate in a reading program there.  Next to Treasure is her (stuffed) friend Milton.  Milton goes along to help bridge the gap for any young readers who may be hesitant to interact with a live dog.  They pet Milton and then very quickly are comfortable petting Treasure, because she is Milton's friend. 

Last month we made a special trip to West Bradford Elementary School.  They were having a family Dr. Seuss reading night and they wanted dogs for the students to read to.  It was great fun!  So many students and families kept coming into the room to sit on Treasure's reading quilt.  And Treasure and I got to hear our favorite Dr. Seuss stories all evening long!  Thank you to one of the staff members, Debbie Parkinson, for snapping this picture of us on our way out at the end of the night.

And here is Treasure, all tuckered out from all those stories!  The school sent Treasure and her reading pals home with bags of biscuits and specially made scarves!  How cool is that?!