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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Look! It's Treasure Claus!

Wow, what a month it’s been already!  The Treasure Claus has been very busy visiting her friends and spreading good cheer!  She went therapy visiting to the assisted living facility up the road, but no sooner did we get there and start talking to people than the electricity went out!  We waited for a little while, but it soon became obvious things were not going to be back to normal soon, so we said goodbye and headed home.  She’ll try again next week. 

We took a visit down to see Treasure’s foster family, Treasure Claus and gifts galore!  Took lots of pictures and had lots of snuggles.  Shared lots of stories.  I have to show my appreciation for foster homes.  Having been a foster home, I perhaps have a unique perspective.  Often we get the comment, “Oh, I could never do that.  I would get too attached and I wouldn’t be able to give the dog up.”  It’s almost as if people assume the foster family must not love the dog at all in order to be able to give it up. 

But foster homes are amazing people.  People who make sacrifices every day for their foster dogs.  They are people who will hug a filthy, smelly dog, with a skin disease, from a shelter, and genuinely mean it.  They spend their own money on toys and bones, treats, sweaters and dog beds.  Their homes and belongings take a beating from dogs who are teething, not housetrained, or who are afraid to be left alone.  They spend their free time answering emails and phone calls to people interested in adopting a dog, possibly their foster dog.  They attend adoption events and drive many miles transporting dogs to and from here and there.

There is no glory. There is no pay check.  Why would someone do all of that for a dog if they didn’t love it with all their heart?  We truly do love our foster dogs.  But our greatest wish is for them to find their own family to love forever, where they will never have to leave again.  And, yes, we cry tears when they leave us.  How could we not?  They have become a part of our lives.  But by letting them go, we are able to then take and help the next dog who has been waiting in the wings for someone to rescue it.  So, thank you to all the foster homes out there.  You are amazing people.

Ok, so where else has Treasure Claus been seen?  Recently, she was spotted visiting two local 4H groups while they had their holiday celebration and made ornaments for the community Christmas tree.  And if you’re lucky, you may see her riding around in the back of her van, dressed up in her holiday finest, running errands here and there around town.  Watch for the smiles, for the Treasure Claus spreads them wherever she goes!  And the excited whispers and points in her direction as the children spot her from afar …

Treasure and her foster mom