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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Dangers of Breeding Merle to Merle

Double merle dogs are often born visually and/or hearing impaired.  These impairments are not necessary.  They can be prevented simply by educating people about responsible breeding practices.  There is no need to gamble with a puppy's well-being to obtain the popular merle color pattern.  Please never breed a merle dog to another merle dog!  Innocent puppies will pay the price! 

This sweet puppy was scheduled to meet a gruesome death simply because she was born deaf and visually impaired. It was not her fault that she was born with those impairments.  They could have been prevented if only the humans did not breed two merle dogs together.  Please help to educate others about the dangers of merle to merle breedings. 

Thanks to the good hearts of her rescuers, this puppy is now safe!

Dangers of Breeding Merle to Merle
©Debbie Bauer 2012

Despite the efforts of many in educating others, there still are so many double merles showing up on the internet and in shelters needing homes. Why aren’t people listening? Why are they continuing to produce dogs with these impairments? And for every dog that ends up in a rescue or a shelter or a home, there are so many more that are being killed shortly after birth for a crime they didn’t commit. They didn’t ask to be bred this way. People made the decision to take a gamble with their lives.

This is not just a problem restricted to shelties. This just happens to be my breed of choice. There are many breeds of dogs that carry the merle gene.

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