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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Sunday!

Well, we don't watch the big game at my house, but it was a busy weekend to be a puppy!  All 7 of 8 dogs got baths last night!  That also meant a lot of brushing out!  Jazzy had her bath a couple weeks ago right before her spay, so she got to supervise everyone else's baths.  Brinks couldn't wait for his turn and tried to get into the tub with each dog that was bathed before him. When it was his turn, he was so happy!  Silly boy!

Today was the Valentine's Day photo shoot.  Jasmine learned the stay signal and did very well.  I got some cute pictures to boot!  Grace is the whitest I've seen her in a LONG time.  In fact, she is so white it's almost startling when I look at her!  I wonder how long it will last. 

Very white Grace
Jazzy is almost six months old now.  She knows hand signals for sit, down, stay, come, give your paw, and spin in both directions.  She is learning to weave between my legs.  She's learning the signal for quiet.  We're working on leave it.  She's just the happiest little dog!  She loves everyone and everything! 

After the photo shoot, she went with me to the 4H club meeting.  She re-acquainted herself with Taz the cat.  Taz was very friendly, rubbing up against Jazzy.  But he didn't like it when Jazzy stuck her long nose into his cat behind!  He swatted her a few times and she wisely backed away!  Jazzy got to meet the 4Hers and their dogs.  She learned about jumping through hoops, walking through ladders, and walking across tippy boards today.  She took everything in stride, although jumping into the wading pool was a bit of a challenge, since the sides were almost as tall as she is! 

Then off to the pet store to "help" me buy dog food.  I was pleased when she responded appropriately to the staff's signals to sit.  Good girl!  It helped that they had yummy treats!  While we were there, Jazzy's nose got the best of her and she wandered around at the end of her leash instead of staying close to me like she usually does.  I think she may have had trouble seeing since she bumped into a lot of stuff on her way back to find me.  Once she got to me, she just wagged her tail and smiled up at me! 

Sweet Jazzy 5 1/2 months

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  1. Jasmine is indeed very a very white dog so clean and so cute. I like the first picture, she's like looking for a date this valentines.