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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Leash Training Blind-Deaf Dogs

Teach Leash Walking to a Blind-Deaf Dog
©Debbie Bauer 2012

When I first adopted Treasure, she didn’t know anything about walking on a leash. She is cute and small and was easy to carry around and put where people wanted her to be. So I had to start with her from the beginning. Add to that the facts that she cannot see where she is going or where I am in relation to her and she cannot hear my encouragement.

I started by teaching her that me touching her collar was a good thing. I would touch her neck lightly and immediately feed her a treat. At first she would startle and turn to see who/what was touching her.

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  1. I adopted an aussie 16 months ago and have determined she is visually impaired, not completely blind. She was 4 when I adopted her and had lived a very sheltered life, not abused or neglected, just very sheltered. Her owner didn't realize she had a vision problem since the owner was elderly and didn't take Leila anywhere. I've trained dogs for decades but never a visually impaired one. I'm looking for any help I can get

  2. I hope by reading this blog, you will get many ideas and tips. I have also started classes online geared toward giving instruction for dogs that are visually and/or hearing impaired. Thank you for adopting and I wish you a long happy life together!