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Saturday, June 8, 2013


There are many TTouch tools that we can use to help our animal friends find their balance physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Notice I am using a harness with Treasure and a double-ended leash.  After our week of TTouch last fall, I introduced Treasure to the harness and double leash.  With it, I am able to give Treasure more information about where I'm going.  She can get a better sense of my speed and turns by me giving leash signals through the double-ended leash and using two points of contact. 
TTouch emphasizes lightness in our cues.  Notice my hands are open on the leash and I give the leash cues with my fingers and just a small amount of awareness on the leash.  Yes, Treasure is a small dog and does not pull on the leash, but this lightness also works well with larger dogs and dogs that pull on a leash. 
The labyrinth (the white maze made out of pipes) helps me to be more aware when walking with Treasure to keep her and myself in balance as we walk, turn and stop.  You can see me using a few TTouches on Treasure's body when we stop and she is standing in balance. 
Surfaces are an important part in boosting a dog's confidence. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I've been working very hard with Treasure to get her to transition from one surface to another.  This has been a scary thing for her.  She doesn't understand when the surface suddenly changes under her feet.  She can't see the change in surface coming, so she has no way to prepare herself for it.
I was fairly confident she would walk on the board, since this was one of her tricks we worked on for her trick dog title.  I was not as sure that she would walk on the spongey mat and the white gate.  But she did so well!  I'm very proud of her! 

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  1. You have enriched Treasure's life so much, Deb! I think the biggest reason for the success is TRUST.

    I am profoundly grateful to you for enriching Holly's life as well. It was 5 years ago today that she went to the Rainbow Bridge and she will always have a special place in my heart.

    I thank God that He sent Whitman to me. This coming Thursday it will be 5 years that he has been with me!