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Friday, June 7, 2013

A Week of TTouch

Treasure listening during lectures

Treasure and I recently returned from a week-long Tellington TTouch workshop.  TTouch provides new ways of living with, communicating with, and teaching animals based upon trust.  We saw some amazing transformations in the animals and people this past week.  Long-standing behavior and emotional patterns were changed with no force or intimidation.  Animals learned to trust.  People learned understanding on new levels.

Treasure riding the luggage cart at the hotel

Treasure playing with toys in the hotel room
 Treasure and I made some wonderful new friends this past week and renewed some previous friendships.  While we were away, we celebrated International Sheltie Day with our roommate and her sheltie.  They both enjoyed sharing our chicken dinner and finishing it off with Frosty Paws!  We found a wonderful little shop called Bark!  Treasure enjoys spending her Mom's money, so we left with bags of new tasty treats to try! 
Mickey and Treasure celebrate Sheltie Day! 
Over the next many weeks, I hope to do some writing about what Treasure and I learned at our workshop.  It was a very special experience to learn from Linda Tellington-Jones herself (the originator of the Tellington TTouch method).  I look forward to learning from her again one day soon!

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