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Friday, June 14, 2013

Hold the Possibility

From my TTouch notes:  Hold the Possibility for Change
Wow, such a huge concept!  Often when we're focused on creating change in our dog's behavior, we become hyper-focused on what we don't want them to do.  Thoughts and expectations have a unique vibration all their own.  When these thoughts focus on things we don't want our dogs to do, they carry a different vibration than if we think about things we DO want our dogs to do instead. 
Dogs are very good at recognizing differences in vibrations around them.  The vibrations we put out in our thoughts affect our dogs and their behavior.  Have you ever noticed when you are frustrated or frazzled that your dog becomes more anxious or agitated?  What about when you are calm and relaxed?  Does your dog then become more relaxed also? 
So, if you think about what you don't want your dog to do, she is likely to pick up the vibrations that focus on the unwanted behavior.  This can lead to her doing the unwanted behavior even more.  Instead, create thoughts about how you DO want your dog to behave in certain situations.  See a video of your dog acting the way you want her to act.  Play that video in your mind.  As you watch it in your  mind's eye, feel the emotions of happiness and pride that you will feel when your dog acts in the way you want her to. These feelings and thoughts will create a new and different vibration which your dog will respond to.
Focusing on what you DO want your dog to do, also changes your perception of your dog's behavior.  This will open your heart and mind to the possibility that her behavior can change. 
Be careful, however, as you create this new video in your mind.  If you become too focused on and intent upon the outcome, you can create vibrations that put pressure on your dog.  Some dogs don't respond well when they feel pressured, just like some people.  Keep your mind open to see how your dog responds.  Don't try to force her to respond with your thoughts or your body language.  This also puts pressure on your dog.
Keeping your mind and heart open allows you to be more observant and responsive to what your dog is telling you.  If you are too intently focused on the outcome, you may miss what your dog is communicating with you along the way.  Change is a journey on both ends of the partnership between you and your dog. 
Change can come in an instant, or it can be a gradual process.  Be open to that process.  What does your dog need along the journey of change?  By opening your heart and your mind, you can respond easily to what your dog is showing you. 
Be excited about, and hold the possibility for change!  

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  1. Wow, so beautifully put! I want to send a friend the link to this page. Thanks so much for writing this.