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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pool pictures!

Treasure is starting to enjoy the puppy pool this year!  Last year, she could not wait to hop out of it.  In her mind, it was only a large water bowl ... one that she should never stand in!  But this year I invented a new game called "hotdogs on a log," and she suddenly thinks the pool is great fun! 

My gorgeous girl enjoying the breeze by the pool. 


Hotdogs on a log!  Treasure's new favorite game! 

It was Jasmine's first time with the pool, and she wasn't too sure about it, even with our new game.  It took her lots of time to get up the nerve to actually step into the pool to get those hotdogs!  But once she got the hang of it, she became a pro!  She even learned to fish out the floating treats by putting her nose into the water.

How far can I stretch?  Notice Treasure coming in from the left side!

It took a long time, but she's got two feet in! 

Yay, Jazzy!  All four feet in! 

And where was Grace this whole time?  Grace has never enjoyed the pool, but she will use it as a large water bowl, stealing sips between wrestling games with her buddies!

Grace (left) and Owen (right)

Grace says, "I am NOT getting in that pool!"

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  1. Adorable , and you are a wonderful human making the gangs life a happy one. Cheers
    Best wishes Molly