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Saturday, May 19, 2012


I'm not sure why I am so surprised, but yet again, Treasure has amazed me!  Today was gorgeous.  The dogs and I hung out in the yard most of the day.  Treasure laid under my lawn chair and puttered around in the puppy pool.  Several times during this time, I left and went into the house and  returned.  Treasure stayed by my chair and the pool. 

The last time, I knew I was going to stay in the house, so before I left her, I touched her and gave her the cue for "home."  I use the cue "home" whenever we return home from somewhere and I am carrying her into the house.  I don't normally use the cue while we are in the yard.  And I don't use the cue unless I am carrying her toward the house. 

But I gathered up my things and headed to the house.  Half way across the yard, I turned and looked, and Treasure was making her way across the yard also, towards the house.  I went to the house and carried my things inside.  Treasure made her way to the back door, and came into the house. 

Was she following me?  Perhaps.  But why didn't she follow me the previous three times that I had left her to go into the house?  She patiently waited for me to return.  But this last time, after I gave her the cue "home," she didn't wait.  She responded immediately toward the house. 

She made it obvious to me today that she knows what "home" means, and that she could figure out how to get herself there without my help!  And she left me once again amazed at her intelligence and abilities!  Even after almost two years together, she continues to show me something new.

Anyone who doubts that Treasure leads a full and happy life should have been watching her today.  A warm sunny day with a gentle breeze blowing through her hair.  A smile on her face.  The picture of happiness! 

Hanging out under my chair enjoying the breeze.

My happy girl!


  1. Oh that is so nice , lovely, lovely, lovely!!!!
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I am so happy to read your blog about Treasure. It is truly heartwarming.