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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Carousel Park

Treasure is a PAWS for People therapy and READ dog, so this weekend she went with us to man a table at Carousel Park's Dog Day event.  Jasmine is a therapy dog trainee, so she got to come along too!  It was Jazzy's first vendor table event.  The weather was gorgeous and we had nice cool shade. 

Treasure took everything in stride.  She hung out with the other PAWS members, walked around and hung out in front of the table, rode in her stroller, and sampled lots of different dog goodies!!  Jasmine also enjoyed the dog goodies - she ate her way through the day I think!  She met a horse for the first time, and even though I was holding her, she did not like him one bit!  She started out curious until he stuck his big nose near her and snorted her with air.  That was the end of their friendship!  She enjoyed socializing with the other dogs, though, and all of the many children who are right on her level. 

Because both girls are so unusual looking, along with the fact that they were all fancied up in their collars, we had many people stopping to take pictures, ask questions, and pet them.  Many people were amazed and pleased to find out that Treasure is a therapy dog. 

By the middle of the day, Jazzy was getting tired and wanted a place to rest.  I stuck her in the stroller with Treasure.  It was a tight squeeze, but soon both girls were snoozing together as if they did it every day.  Jazzy only jumped out once while we were walking and quickly decided it was nicer to stay put and enjoy the breeze in her face. 

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  1. Treasure certainly is special. Amazing! Hey i work out occasionally with blythe ann and scott. My band the Splashing Pearls played all the difference which they are associated with then the next day we played thee bellefonte arts fest where blythe had paws set up! Small world.