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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Special K9 Games

Vinny - always a winner in my book!

What an amazing weekend to spend with dogs and human friends!  The Special K9 Games were held for the first time last weekend in Columbus, OH.  Specially-abled dogs and their people had a chance to attend workshops in lure coursing, disc, agility, hide and seek, conditioning and trick training.  There were competitions for these sports as well, and CGC and trick dog testing was also offered. 

Thanks for Sky Dogs, Pawsavers, and Keller's Cause for a wonderful weekend!  

I had a chance to meet so many of my friends that I only knew from Facebook.  It was great to cheer on our new friends as some of them tried new things with their dogs for the first time!  And, I learned how to paint a portrait!  

FB friends - back row, Vinny, Braille, Keller; front, Piglet

My first pet painting - Vinny

Treasure spent most of the weekend napping, although she did make an appearance in the agility ring and the hide and seek arena.  She wasn't impressed with meeting the rats, but the hotdogs did get her attention!

Treasure meeting rats

Vinny gave everything a try and left with a new CGC title, a third place in the blind/deaf agility class, and a second place in the trick competition.  He and his new friend even played a duet!  

Vinny learning to lure course

Vinny agility - photo: Keller's Cause

Vinny on electric guitar, Madelyn on keyboard

We're so excited to see what next year's Games will have in store!  What a great event!  It ran beautifully and everyone had a chance to shine with their dogs.  Thank you Pawsavers and Keller's Cause for all your hard work putting together the Special K9 Games!  

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