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Thursday, May 3, 2018

A Special Day for Special Pets

Today is Specially-Abled Pet Day!  There are so many specially-abled animals in the world that are amazing in their abilities. This is why we call them specially-ABLED.  It's not about what they can't do - which most often is insignificant.  It's about what they CAN do!  Let's celebrate their abilities! 

In years past, I have focused my post on titles and dog sports, and therapy dog accomplishments of my specially-abled dogs.  But today I want to remember some of the great photos I've posted in this blog that showcase the day to day amazing things they do!  


Enjoying a snow day

"Watching" a baseball game

Pool party

Playing with toys


Bringing smiles

Simply being themselves

Spreading joy

Smiling and being adorable

Spreading the word

Celebrating birthdays

Going for walks and adventures

Being my buddy

Donating to a worthy cause

I hope you will join me today in acknowledging and celebrating all the specially-abled animals out there! Their spirit and their love of life can certainly teach and inspire us every day. 

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