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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Seven Years!

Seven years ago, she came into my life.  Treasure, a small white, blind and deaf dog, has changed my life.  She has changed the lives for many, many dogs like herself through helping me educate.  She has become more than anyone had ever expected.  And yet, in the end, she's just my pal - my special girl.

I remember when I brought her home.  There were only a couple sites on the internet to find information about dogs that were both blind and deaf - and they were sorely lacking in appropriate and helpful information.  There were a few more sites about double merles, but not all of them gave information that would be helpful to someone who was adopting one of these special dogs.  

Misinformation and misunderstanding was the norm.  I felt like we were trail blazers to provide information, instruction, and an example. And so ... this blog was born.  So many people followed this blog as Treasure repeatedly broke down barriers and rose above expectations.  Over and over again she proved what was possible.  

Seven years ago, today, I typed in my first blog post.  The first of many posts that I hope have given my readers a glimpse into the magical life of a little dog and her friends.  So many posts that have helped many who were thinking of adopting but weren't sure if they could do it.  

For all the rescues and shelters and foster homes, just learning about double merles and how to communicate with dogs in a different way - Treasure helped to create hope.  So many dog's lives have been saved.  So many dogs that have gotten to stay in their homes, as we were able to help with training issues and concerns.

We have educated so many and now when I look online, there are so many sites and places to find information.  The word is out there!

There are so many double merles now doing fun dog sports and activities with their families.  That was almost unheard of when this blog began.  What a difference!  

Thank you to everyone who follows this blog, who shares it, and who recommends it to others.  I hope it will continue to be an inspiration and a source of useful information for another seven years! 

And, of course, a super special THANK YOU to my dear Treasure.  Without her, there would be no White Dog Blog.  She has been my special girl ever since I first laid eyes on her picture.  She has truly changed the world in so many special ways!  

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