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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Deaf (and Blind) Dog Awareness Week

There's a special week every year set aside to bring awareness to deaf dogs.  This is Deaf Dog Awareness Week!  The gang and I want to also include dogs that are blind and deaf in our week of awareness.  

So many misconceptions exist about deafness and blindness, not only when it comes to our dogs, but in our human culture as well. Those of us with the senses of hearing and sight can't imagine what it must be like to lose them.  The truth is, we have become overly dependent upon these two senses.

If you've been reading my blog very long, you've seen my posts talking about all the other ways our dogs (and we!) can gather information from our environment.  Dogs are so in tune with things in the environment that you and I ignore on a regular basis.  Things like vibrations, temperature changes, light and shadows, air currents, scents, energy and intuition, that give them information about their world.

Many deaf and blind/deaf dogs are waiting in rescues and shelters for the right family to adopt them.  They are often overlooked in preference for a dog that can see and hear.  I can't help but think this is because of people's misconceptions and myths that get passed around.  

Do they know that deaf and blind/deaf dogs can go hiking?  Do they know that many really enjoy children?  That they can play with other dogs?  That they can play with toys and play fetch?  That they can learn cool tricks and even compete in certain dog sports?

The purpose of this special week is to highlight the amazing things deaf (and blind/deaf) dogs can do.  If we can change people's perceptions and impart new knowledge to them about what deaf and blind/deaf dogs are capable of, surely more of those waiting for homes will be adopted.  

Come along with us this week while we help to erase some of the misconceptions that exist, and while we brag a little bit about some amazing deaf and blind/deaf dogs we know! 

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