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Friday, July 11, 2014

Pet Photo Day

To celebrate Pet Photo Day, here are some tips from a Top Dog Model Finalist herself!
Treasure's tips for dog models:
  • Expect and demand a lot of special treats for your efforts!  Don't work for free! 
  • Be creative with the props!  Fluff the blankets, push props around, taste them, knock them over, lay on top of them, the sky's the limit!
  • Always show them your good side!  Top Dog Models never take a bad picture!
  • Good photographers enjoy a challenge!  Keep him/her guessing.  Be unpredictable.
Some of her favorites:
  • Turn your head in many different directions to provide a variety of shots and to show off your many expressions and moods.
  • Get up and spin as fast as you can when the flash goes off.  It's fun!
And finally,
  • Static electricity in long hair is the worst!  Take a spray bottle of conditioner spray to every photo shoot. 



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