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Friday, July 25, 2014

Craft for Shelters Month

If you like to craft, check out these great crafts to make and donate to help homeless animals at your local rescue or shelter.

Kuranda beds

Kuranda beds are essential to provide bedding up off the floor for shelter dogs.  Shelter floors get very cold in the winter time especially. 
Some handmade dog toys:

Treasure loves to give Fluffy's Blankets and beds! 
And, not to leave out our cat friends -
Cat hammocks

Cat hammocks give cats a place to perch and feel safe and cozy in their cages.

Cat T shirt beds


You can also make and donate homemade dog treats for the dogs, and other crafts for the rescue or shelter to sell at fundraisers and special events.  Most rescues and shelters rely on donations and fundraising at special events to be able to get much-needed funds to help the animals. 



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  1. Mom donates lots of tuff to our local shelter too - she makes cards they they action off at their yearly fundraising