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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Reasons to Train Your B/D Dog

10 (Plus) Reasons to train your b/d dog

1.      Training will improve your communication with your dog.  Not only will you learn to communicate to her what you want to tell her, but you will learn to better read her body language so you can tell what she is trying to tell you.

2.      Training will help you develop a partnership with your dog.  Living with and training a dog is not a dictatorship in which you tell the dog what to do and she must always obey without question.  It’s about a partnership where you both adapt according to what the other one is communicating, the environment, and the situation.  You can’t learn that unless you spend time working with your dog.

3.      Training exercises are great enrichment for your dog!  She will look forward to learning new things and being able to problem-solve, and of course, there is Treasure’s favorite part – the goodies!  The more your dog uses her brain, the smarter she will become!

4.      Spending time with and training your dog is just plain FUN!

5.      Good manners are important for allowing dogs and people to live together safely and comfortably.  Things like being able to be groomed and examined by the veterinarian need to be taught to your dog.

6.      Trained dogs are welcome to accompany you more places, such as hotels, camping, at parks, baseball games, and family reunions.  Even a few basic skills such as walking politely on a leash, sitting when asked, coming when called, and greeting people without jumping, can go a long way toward making your dog more welcome.

7.      Teaching your dog tricks is fun, and a great way to show off how smart she is to all your friends! 

8.      By training your b/d dog, you can begin to educate others about what they are capable of achieving.  Once trained you dog can be an ambassador to help other b/d dogs in need of adoption.

9.      Trained dogs can participate in organized dog activities such as k9 nosework, therapy work, CGC evaluations, dog scouts, and more! 

10.  Training your dog and spending time with her in any way is a great way to strengthen the bond you have with her.  Dogs are social animals and enjoy spending time with us.  But when that time is actually spent with you paying focused attention to her, you will find that your relationship with her will grow even more than you thought possible.

11.  Because it’s January – National Train Your Dog Month! 

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