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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

Hi, it’s me, Treasure, again!  Happy January 2014!!  My Mom says it is a new year that is going to be the best one yet!  She’s been working very hard on a surprise for this month – which is National Train Your Dog Month, by the way!  I guess you can understand that it is one of my Mom’s favorite months, since she loves to teach all dogs and their people. 
One of the things Mom is good at is teaching blind and deaf dogs, like me.  She loves to teach me all kinds of new stuff, and I love to learn it and eat all the cookies that come with it!  I’m very excited that she has her surprise finally finished to share with you!  

Ok, I guess I’ve kept you in suspense long enough … Introducing!!  My Mom’s newest book, which is all about teaching blind and deaf dogs like me!  It’s called Through A Dark Silence: Loving and Living with Your Blind and Deaf Dog.  She decided to make this one an e-book, since she says most people read on their electronic devices nowadays.  But she said that also means you can get the book faster and start reading it sooner! 

It’s got some really good information in it about double merles, like me, but it’s also meant to help any dog that can’t see or hear the right way.  You’ll learn all about how my Mom communicates with me and trains me, as well as lots of tips for making living with a blind and deaf dog safer and easier.  And, you’ll see a lot of pictures of me (and my friends too)!

Anyone can benefit from reading this book.  My Mom has trainer friends that ask her questions about how to help people train their blind and deaf dogs.  And rescues and foster homes ask her too.  Of course, anyone who is getting ready to adopt one of us special dogs needs to read this book to get ready!  But even people whose dogs can see and hear now, may one day notice that their dogs are losing their sight and hearing, like my dog sister Shelby.  They might learn some tips to help their dog adjust faster to the changes. 

I hope you enjoy my Mom’s book and that you spread the word to anyone who loves and helps blind and deaf dogs like me!  Mom says this is the first book about training blind and deaf dogs, and she hopes it can educate people about so many things – double merles and why to be careful when breeding, that special dogs are capable of so many things and make great family members, fun games to play with blind and deaf dogs, and so much more … Maybe Mom can change the world for one blind and deaf dog at a time – with one book at a time! 
Let’s make this the best year yet for blind and deaf dogs!  To get my Mom’s book, click here 


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  2. I admire your patience and your dedication. You are a great role model.