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Monday, March 12, 2012

Treasure’s friends need your help!

I know everyone enjoys reading Treasure’s blog!  Maybe you live with a double merle and know how wonderful they can be!  Or, maybe you just have been inspired by Treasure, Grace and Jasmine, and how normal a life they are able to lead. 

Treasure has some new paw pals that need some help.  They have been overlooked because they are a bit different, like her, but they are great puppies looking for loving, committed forever homes.   Maybe you are looking for a new family member, or maybe you know someone who is.  Please take the time to read about these adorable double merle puppies, and visit their Petfinder pages.  Let’s help find them the homes they deserve!

This is Crystal.  She’s four months old and loves to play and rough house with her siblings.  She enjoys playing with people too and has a lot of energy!  Crystal has vision in one eye and hearing in one ear.  She needs a family to give her a chance to shine!  Crystal has already been crate trained and is receiving early socialization and handling, so she can fit right into her new home!  She sounds like she could be a lot of fun!  For more information about Crystal and to find contact information, here is her Petfinder page   
Tell them Treasure sent you!

This is Snow.  She’s also four months old (these three puppies are all littermates!).  Snow is white, just like Treasure!  And, if you recall, Treasure’s name used to be Snowy!  This girl really needs some help finding the perfect home.  Unlike her brother and sister, who both have partial hearing and sight, Snow is totally deaf and has limited vision in both eyes.  She may require some more adapted training techniques such as what you’ve read about here on my blog.  But you only have to read about Treasure’s (blind and deaf) and Jasmine’s (deaf and partially blind) escapades, to know that Snow will greatly enrich someone’s life.  Snow enjoys playing and cuddling and is more laid back than her siblings.  She is crate trained and is being socialized and handled often so she can make a smooth transition into a new and loving home.  Visit Snow’s Petfinder page to learn more about her and how you can make her a member of your family!

Frost is the boy of the group, also four months old.  He has hearing in one ear, good vision in one eye, and has some vision in the other eye.  Frost has a lot of energy and is a busy sheltie boy.  He likes to play more than he’s a cuddle bug.  He’s happy and healthy and ready to go, go, go!  Could he be the dog for you?  Frost is also crate trained and is being socialized and handled frequently.  He has very pretty markings, too!  He would like an active home all his own!  Check out his Petfinder page for more information and to find out how to apply to adopt him!

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