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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

For the Curious

Life is never dull when you live with a blind and deaf dog!  I hear so many questions.  Some of them make sense ... others not so much.  One of my favorites to date is, "How do you feed her?" 

Huh?  I just put the food down and she does the rest!  But, I so much want to whip out a picture of Treasure sitting in a child's high chair, wearing a cute little bib, while I feed her carefully spoonful by spoonful, making sure that each morsel of food gets put directly into her cute little mouth.  Just the picture in my head is enough to make me giggle out loud! 

Treasure loves to eat!  But I do a couple things differently when I feed her.  I feed her from a shallow bowl because it seems to be easier for her to scoop out the food with her tongue.  If I feed her from a deeper bowl, she prefers to dump the bowl and then eat from the floor.  I think maybe it's difficult for her to judge where to put her head to actually get it down inside the deeper bowl. 

I also feed her in her crate usually, so I don't have to worry about the other dogs taking advantage of her and pushing her out of the way to get her food.  This morning I was working on a video project and decided to tape her eating breakfast while I had the camera out.  So, if you are curious ... take a look!

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