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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fun Things To Do

Fun things to do with your blind-deaf dog
© Debbie Bauer 2012
It’s easy for life to become the same old thing for a dog that is blind and deaf.  There is not the constant barrage of new sights and sounds to keep the dog interested and alert in the world around her.  At my house, our mealtimes always get Treasure’s attention with a new array of smells each time, but other than that, she will just find a quiet spot to lay and relax until something gets her attention.
It’s important with any dog to offer it new and varied things to do each day. It keeps the dog’s mind sharp and helps to keep her content.  Exercise is important for a dog’s physical body, but also for its mind.  Here are some things that Treasure finds interesting and exciting.
She loves food puzzles and toys!  I will often feed her meals in these.  We have a dog brick puzzle, which she likes.  She also likes her food ball and Kong wobbler toys.  Other food toys include Kongs and other rubber toys designed to put food inside...

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