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Sunday, March 25, 2018

TriDex 2018

Mom and I spent the weekend at the first ever Trick Dog Expo!  It was amazing to be in a place with so many people and dogs that love tricks just as much as we do!  

Mom started the weekend by giving a presentation, starring ... me (and my friends too)!  She taught people all about how to teach dogs that are visually and/or hearing impaired.  She had a good turnout and people had very good questions.  She even gave away a signed copy of one of her books to a lucky listener!  

I spent the weekend learning about Klimbs - most of the workshops and the stunt dog competitions all used the Klimb.  I liked it and knew right away to put my front feet on it, just like I do with some of our other props.  But Mom wanted me to put all four feet on it, and I am a big boy with a long body.  I had to really practice to figure out how to fit all my feet up on it.  When I got my back feet up on it, I felt like my front feet couldn't fit too.  But I mastered the Klimb and now I hop right up on it right away!  Mom told me I looked best on the purple one.  

When I wasn't enjoying the workshops and learning new things for treats, there were other cool games to try.  This was a maze made out of  hay bales.  Mom started out leading the way and I followed, but soon I got tired of going so slowly and I passed her and led her the rest of the way out of the maze!  It was fun and I wanted to do it again!  

Mom was excited there was barn hunt to try - but when we got there, there weren't any rats.  So we practiced our hide and seek with treats.  I hear they will have this game at the Special K9 Games in May -  maybe I will actually get to meet some rats there!  I wonder if they smell good?

We had so much fun at TriDex!  I hope we can come back again next year.  It was my very first dog Expo/Conference.  Mom was real proud of me and how happy and calm I was with everything going on.  We even finished our very first 2K, and my medal matched colors with my vest and leash!  

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