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Friday, October 13, 2017

Autumn Special! - Uniquely Paws-Able

Hi Uniquely Paws-Able Friends!

Wow, autumn is arriving here already! Wherever you are in the world, please join me in celebrating that our school is rounding out the end of its first year! The school and resources are continuing to grow, with many new projects in the works that will be unveiled in 2018! I can't wait!
The current classes will be offered for the last time this year beginning Nov. 1st. At this time, with the new projects for 2018 coming along, it is undecided whether Enrichment & Games, and Grooming, Handling, and Husbandry Games will be offered again next year, or how many times it may be offered. Positive Reinforcement and Clicker Training will continue to be offered as a self-study, take anytime course, as the class is full of foundation learning and skills that carry over to all the other classes.

As a celebration of our first year, and as a gift to you, all three classes will be offered at a substantial discount ($40 - normally $65) this time around. Registration is open NOW and classes will begin Nov. 1st. If you've been wanting to take one of these classes, now would be a great time to register!
Here's the link to see what's offered and to get signed up! Uniquely Paws-Able

Don't forget, there are some free resources at the school also. The blog reference guide has been updated with the newest posts.
I hope to see you all in a class next month! Please take advantage of this Autumn Special to get the lowest prices! 
And, as always, please let me know what you'd like to see offered at the school. I strive to make this a resource to educate and inspire! I'd love to hear what you want to see more of! 
Happy Fall,


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