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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Presentation at ASSA National

Treasure, Vinny and I had a wonderful time visiting Purina Farms and the ASSA National Specialty. There were Shelties everywhere!  Vinny was also happy that there were some other Collies making an appearance here and there as well.  This was our first time to Purina Farms, and we hope to be able to go again.

We were there to do a presentation about double merles.  Topics discussed included:
What causes double merle
What can be done to educate so we can prevent it
How to screen and educate adopters
Tips for foster homes
How to train dogs that may be blind, deaf, or both
Equipment that may be useful
And, the many myths surrounding double merles and blind and/or deaf dogs

Thanks Barbara Edelberg for the photo

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