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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Second Week - Puppy Update

Elsa and Vinny are growing so much!  I can't believe how much bigger they are already than two weeks ago!

Being bigger means they can reach more stuff when on two legs and can get into all the things that I put up on top of tables to keep out of their reach too!  They are more sure of their bodies now, and are continuing to climb over and crawl under everything.

What fun did this past week hold?
More puppy pool wading - last time I helped them out after a minute of them experiencing the different surface under their feet, before they had time to get upset about it.  This week they paddled for a moment and then found their own way out.  So far, not huge fans of the pool, I guess.
Separate crates still at night and now in the car also.  Elsa will be leaving us in two weeks and I want both puppies to be comfortable on their own without the other.  It will be an adjustment for them both, but hopefully not a traumatic one.
More brushing
Lured and captured sits
Housetraining is progressing - Vinny now potties and puts his head in the air, expecting me to pet him.  If the petting doesn't come quick enough for him, he starts moving his head around in the air "looking" for me.
Both puppies mastered going down several steps in a row this week with my support.
Continued socialization meeting new people of all ages, and both genders in different places
Puppies are learning the walking route to the door to go outside.  We don't do this every time, because often they need to potty in a hurry, so carrying is still the safest way.  But they are getting bigger very quickly, so I want them to be comfortable walking the route.  I help steer them, as they will run into a lot if I don't.  That will continue to get better as they are more comfortable with the route.
Taking longer walks with me on leash, individually for each puppy, around the yard and at work
They are getting more skilled at finding food/treats when sniffing them out and from my hand.  Their nose - mouth coordination is getting better!
Food bowl games continue.  I am careful not to allow the puppies to butt in on each other when they are eating.  They don't care now, but I don't want to set up a feeling that they may need to defend their food at all.  Let's start good calm eating habits now.  At their age, it's easy to get them used to me petting and touching them while they eat, and hand feeding them goodies from their bowls.
Some things can't be planned for - such as fireworks.  Vinny is deaf but did startle a couple times. Hard to tell if he noticed the vibrations of the closer booms, or if he startled because Elsa did since they were near each other.  Elsa is able to hear and did startle at the louder booms while we were outside.  She didn't notice inside and didn't notice the softer ones at all.  We  minimized our time outside as much as possible, but she wasn't upset, just an initial startle and then we'd have a quick game to get her happy again.
Other things not planned for - both puppies learned to eat their meals in a light rain.  Good experience since they were both happy to be eating and barely noticed the rain.   They also learned to potty in the rain - took a bit longer as the rain was harder by then - with lots of extra special petting and praise!

Here's a picture of the puppy playground I set up this past week.  Many surfaces and new things for the puppies.  I sprinkled a few treats around to reinforce them for exploring and then mostly just let them have fun.

Surfaces included a foam pad, plastic striped mat with texture, a fitness step, a plastic tarp, a small pink fitness disc, and a purple snuffle mat with goodies inside.  It was interesting to watch the pups' different styles.  Vinny followed his nose right to the snuffle mat first thing and stayed until all the treats were found. Elsa covered the whole pen right away, sniffing out the scattered treats, until finding her way to the snuffle mat to help Vinny.

Here's a link to watch some of their fun:  Video Click Here

And, as always ... a sleeping puppy is a good puppy!


  1. they are going to be a pairs of beauties for sure - hope they don't too upset by fireworks - happy 4th to you all

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