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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Teach walking on leash

There are times when our dogs must be kept on leash to ensure their safety, and this becomes
especially true when we have a dog that can’t see or hear. The leash becomes not only a means of
safety, but also a tool for communication. It’s important that we introduce the leash the right way, so it
becomes a useful tool for us and our dogs. We always want the leash to be a pleasant thing for our

Begin by teaching your dog that touching her collar is a good thing. Touch her neck lightly and then
immediately feed her a treat. At first she may startle and turn to see who or what is touching her, but
with repeated exposure, she should start to look forward to the treat coming when she feels you touch
her neck. When she’s comfortable with this step, begin to focus on lightly taking hold of her collar
before you feed the treat. There’s no need to hold tightly. You don’t want to hold her in place, just curl
your fingers slightly around it and then feed a treat. She should begin to enjoy you taking hold of her
collar because it means something good is coming for her!
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