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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Feeding Tip for Longhaired Dogs - DIY

A simple plastic shower cap was the answer to my problem!  Perhaps it can help you also!

Treasure eats a non-kibble diet and her lovely long, white hair was getting messy by dragging in her bowl while she ate.  The hair under her chin and on her upper chest ended up being green and goopy after each meal.  

I solved this problem by cutting a hole in the top of a plastic shower cap, just big enough to slide over Treasure's head.  Making the hole too big would allow her hair to squeeze through while she was eating, but too snug would not be comfortable for her to move her head and swallow.

It took Treasure only a short time to realize that wearing the shower cap was a good thing - it meant her meal was coming next!  After the meal, I can easily pull it off over her head and if there is any food on the cap, just rinse it off under the faucet and it's ready for the next meal. Simple!  And oh so useful!

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