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Friday, May 29, 2015

Treasure and TTouch

Treasure accompanied me again on a cross-country trip to our Tellington TTouch training in MD.  She is such a great traveler, even though the trip is about 13 hours long and we drive straight through.  She has a crate to travel in, with water and food puzzle toys as well as an antler to chew on, and she's happy as can be!  

Our friend Maggie made Treasure a lovely name tag to display on her pen, so everyone would remember her name!  Hard to imagine that anyone would forget Treasure, I know, but with so many great people and dogs in the class (and even one cat!) to learn names for, the name tags came in very handy. And they are SO pretty as well!  Thanks Maggie!  

Our friends Rose and Mickey (pictured) shared a hotel room with us and made the place feel like home.  Treasure remembered Mickey by smell right away and followed him around until he found the perfect place for them both to rest for awhile.  Treasure liked having an actual kitchen in our room, and lying on the cool kitchen floor!  Mickey made sure we kept the air conditioning nice and cool!  

 Tellington TTouch is an amazing way of relating to and helping animals with a strong emphasis on respect and appreciation for the animal as a perfect being.  There is a whole philosophy to learn and embody when taking TTouch classes, along with a large toolbox of different touches and techniques.  Each touch is named after an animal and has a specific way to support the body, mind, emotions and spirit of the animal.  Tools include ways to use equipment to communicate more clearly and gently with the animal.  The playground for higher learning can be changed in many ways to assist with balance and focus, as well as confidence.  Wraps are a special tool used to bring a sense of confidence, calming, and/or a better sense of body awareness to assist with balance and well-being.  Here Treasure models a figure 8 wrap (photo by Linda Tellington-Jones).  

I'm looking forward to getting my official certification as a Tellington TTouch Practitioner 1 in September!  This has been a journey of growth and learning and meeting so many wonderful friends who have become family!  Here's a special picture of me and Treasure with Linda Tellington-Jones at the training in May.  Linda is such an amazingly intuitive woman, who is gracious enough to share with each of us and the animals what she has learned over so many years of experience.  Thank you Linda!  

If you'd like to learn more about Tellington TTouch, find a TTouch practitioner near you, or learn more about how you can attend a training, please visit  You'll be glad you did!  

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