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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Deaf dog Myth # 1

Deaf Dog Myth # 1
If I adopt a deaf dog, I need to have a hearing dog as well.

Many people think that a deaf dog needs to have a hearing dog to follow around.  This is not necessary.  Although, if you do have a hearing dog, your deaf dog will watch him closely for cues to things that are important to him – mealtimes, going for a walk, etc.  A deaf dog will also watch you closely to see what cues you give.  Sometimes your deaf dog will notice cues that you aren’t even aware you are giving!  They are very good observers!  Deaf dogs are individuals, just like people and hearing dogs are.  Some enjoy the company of other dogs, while some may not.  There is nothing wrong with having hearing dogs if you adopt a deaf dog.  There is nothing wrong with having only deaf dogs either!  Don’t get a hearing dog with the expectation that he will take on the role to “help” your deaf dog.  This is a neat thing to watch when it happens, but the truth is that the majority of times it does not happen.  The dogs will develop a relationship, but it’s usually the deaf dog that learns to just observe and learn cues. 

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