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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Poison Prevention Awareness Month!

March is poison prevention awareness month.  Here is a handy site to search for many different substances and it also has the animal poison control center helpline phone number.

Please visit the site to become familiar with how to navigate it and put the emergency phone number in your phone, on your fridge, and with your pet’s health records.  Having the number handy will save precious moments if there is ever an emergency.
The “For Owners” section along the top of the website has some great information about creating a first aid kit, knowing the signs of poisoning in dogs and cats, and how to poison proof your home and yard.  There is lots of great information on this site – even if you think you know it or will never need it, it is good to refresh your mind and take a look around your home to see what you can put away out of your pet’s reach.

Here’s to the safety of our pets!  May we never need that emergency number, but may we always have it close at hand just in case!

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