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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Unchain A Dog Month

February is Unchain A Dog Month.  There are many dogs that live their lives tied outside on chains.  For some, that is how the family has always cared for its dogs for many generations.  Perhaps they don’t know that there is another way to include the dog in family life.  Or, maybe dogs have always been outside dogs, but it’s now not safe to let dogs run loose with so much vehicle traffic.  Without a fenced yard, the only outdoor alternative then seems to be chaining the dog to a dog house or a tree.  Perhaps at one time, the family tried to bring the dog inside, but the dog didn’t behave very well and it was easier to keep it tied outside. 
If you know of a dog (perhaps it’s your own) that lives life on a chain, please share my blog posts with its human family.   My blog posts this month will educate us all about why life on a chain is not the best life for a dog.  I will offer some suggestions and a protocol for how anyone can begin to bring their dog inside off the chain.  And, if living inside is not an option for a particular dog, I will offer some suggestions to unchain that outdoor dog and make its life better. 
If any reader has questions about how to bring your dog inside off the chain, please do contact me through my comments section below each post.  The posts are not public and will be seen only by me.  If you would like a personal response, you must leave me a personal email address in your comment, and I will get back to you and try to put you in touch with resources and information to help you bring your dog in off the chain.  I cannot offer you personal suggestions through the comment thread – you must include a personal email address in your comment.
If you know of someone who has a dog tied up on a chain, please do not judge that person.  You don’t know why the dog is tied there.  There may be circumstances that you aren’t aware of.  You can offer your assistance in a non-judgmental way.  You can forward along my blog posts.  There are resources that can help. 

1 comment:

  1. I wrote this song for all dogs on chains:
    Please help share my message!!

    Dog On a 10 Foot Chain

    Nothing to look forward to
    Watching cars go by all day
    Nothing to play with, nothing to do
    Shivering in the cold hard rain

    They forget to bring me water
    They forget that I am here
    They don’t know how smart I am
    They don’t even see my tears

    What did I do wrong, what did I do?
    I just want someone to love me, because I love you
    Whatever it is I did wrong, maybe I can change
    No one knows how hard it is, how hard it is to be………. a dog on a 10 foot chain

    Sometimes it’s hard to stay cool
    On a blazing hot summer day
    I dream of crossing the stream
    And catching a fish as sunlight fades

    It’s hard to stay warm in the winter
    Some nights it’s hard to be strong
    I dream of chasing butterflies
    And rabbits all day long

    The world is big and beautiful
    But I’ll never see it all
    Maybe when I go to Heaven
    Someone will throw me a red ball