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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Christmas - Paying It Forward

Some of you may know that Treasure is the official spokes-dog for Fluffy's Blankets.  Fluffy's is an organization that was started when a wonderful woman gifted a woman and her dog in need with a warm blanket and a care package.  It's tradition continues.  Volunteers make and gift warm blankets and care packages for animals and their people in need.  The blankets may be given to an animal battling chronic illness, to animals in rescues or shelters, to animals and their people facing major surgeries, or wherever there is a need. 
Recently, the organization also began giving Rainbow Bags to area veterinarians.  If you have ever had to euthanize a pet, you know the heartbreak of leaving the office afterwards.  Rainbow Bags provide a small bit of healing to people as they leave the veterinarian's office. 
And, sometimes, the spirit of Fluffy's branches out to include those without an animal of their own.  Treasure has been known to gift a warm Fluffy's Blanket to a special resident at the assisted living facility where she does therapy visits.  One recipient told me that she was sleeping better than she had in years when she was wrapped in Treasure's blanket.
And, so, this year, Treasure continues to pay the spirit of Christmas forward.  We are far from our friends this holiday season, but making and gifting Fluffy's Blankets has helped us to keep them close in our hearts. 
As is her practice, Treasure closely supervised the making of each blanket that we made here, and she blessed each one before it was gifted.  This year, we gave 12 blankets and two beds to the humane society where I am volunteering.  The dogs and cats loved their new blankets and beds and wasted no time in breaking them in! 
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our blog friends!!  I hope you each had the chance to make this season a little brighter for someone else!  Pay it forward!! 

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