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Monday, October 21, 2013

Remember Your Perfection!

What a perfect word - PERFECT!  How often do you hear it in your daily life?  How often do you use it to describe others?

In my TTouch notes, I have written and underlined:  "Remember Your Perfection!!"  What a wonderful image that creates for me, not only for remembering my own perfection, but in remembering that each of us and everything is indeed, perfect at being ourselves.  Below is a cartoon I found online ...

Read that quote below the cartoon again ...
If we look at others and expect them to be just like us, we are missing their perfection.  That fish may not be able to climb a tree very easily, but it is absolutely perfect at being a fish.  Look at the fish with new eyes.  See its beauty.  See how it can do all the things that it needs to do to live as a fish.  Marvel at its intelligence.  See its perfection!! 
Look at your dog with new eyes.  Does she have to be like everyone else's dog?  No, of course not.  How boring would that be if every dog was the same?  Take a moment to see her beauty, her intelligence, her creativity ...  Take a moment to remember her perfection.  See how in every moment, she is perfectly herself. 
Does that  mean that you always like her behavior or her little quirks?  No, of course not.  But behavior can be changed.  Who she is in all her perfectness cannot be changed.  It is who she is on the inside. 
Take a look at yourself now with new eyes.  See your perfection!  Remember your perfection!  Remember that part of you that is who you really are.  Take a moment every day to ...
Remember your perfection!  

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