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Sunday, March 24, 2013

March Happenings

It's Spring!  Or at least that's what the calendar says ...
We are expecting accumulating snow tonight and the weather has been cold and windy.  We've had snow flurries in the air.  But the robins are back and I've heard birds singing early in the morning, so I am holding out hope that the spring weather will soon follow!
Treasure continues to do therapy visits, except when I am sick and need to stay home to avoid infecting everyone.  Today we spent the afternoon at the pet expo.  Treasure LOVES the pet expo!  She gets admired and pet by so many people, gets to meet and greet friendly dogs, and I usually buy her some special treats while we're there.  She met potbellied pigs, alpacas, a big tortoise, and reptiles.  There were bunnies and cats and birds and other small critters.  We always hand out cards and do a lot of talking to educate people about merle/merle breedings and about the wonders of dogs with different abilities! 
Treasure with alpacas at pet expo.

Earlier in the month, the dogs joined me as helpers at the Healing Touch for Animals workshop.  Treasure and Owen are well-seasoned helpers, and Jazzy and Vegas went along as newbies.  Jazzy attended one workshop last year when she was a puppy, but this was Vegas' first time.  He was very good for a very long day.  He's six months old now, so I was impressed that he was able to entertain himself for the whole day.
Owen (using toy as pillow), Jazzy, Treasure (nose poking out of pen) and Vegas (looking other way) - at HTA workshop, just hanging out in their pen waiting for some action.

Vegas, six months old

Vegas graduated from puppy class this month!  I'm trying out a new approach to teaching him k9 nosework.  I'll talk more about that as I see how it goes!  Vegas is learning new tricks.  He can go through a tunnel, spin right and left, and can shake hands.  He loves to give kisses, but doesn't quite do it on cue yet.  We're working on roll over.  It's hard to believe that he's only been here for about 8 weeks!  He fits in so well here, it seems that it's been so much longer! 
Happy Spring!


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  1. Beautiful shot of Vegas. I would love to get my dear Watson out to a pet expo. He's a well balanced, well mannered deafie. I'm working on getting him into therapy work, but need to find time to work with him and get him through the AKC Good Citizen program first. :)

    Thanks for all you do for handi-capable pups!