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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Vacation Nosework Part 2

More fun nosework hides today.  I tried to challenge Treasure today with hides that we wouldn't normally have access to, and I noticed something else that we need to work more on.  Treasure does great searching while on one consistent surface, but changing surfaces mid-search can throw her concentration off.  Going from grass to gravel, or gravel to grass causes her to stop and turn back to the original surface even though she may clearly smell the birch odor.  It is normal for her to stop and check out a new surface before walking onto it, but then it seems as if she has lost her momentum in the actual search and has to get herself back on track.  This is totally understandable, not being able to see what is ahead of her as the ground is changing below her feet.  But it's not something that I have consciously thought about in our training, that I will now need to seek out for her to do.
A bit challenging with the hide right up next to the building and a moderate breeze blowing.  She went way wide away from the wall to catch the odor and followed it in.  Hide is under the flat rock at the corner of the building.

Hide is slightly elevated on the picnic table bench.  There was an area near the rubble and table with large stones and she was hesitant to cross over it at first even though she smelled the odor.  Also good practice for me to give her freedom to work, yet also steer her clear of all the obstacles.  I'll be happy to start using those doggles!

Hide is in the corner of the playground equipment.  We started down behind the shed and slightly down the hill, wind blowing away from us.  Again, not a set up I have really worked with her in the past. 

Car searches.  Again, going from the paved small gravel to the large loose gravel threw her concentration for a moment.  Hide is in the upper hub cap on the front tire. 

I'm loving having nice outdoor weather and being on vacation so I have time to plan and do hides!  Too much fun!  Treasure was content to sleep a lot of the day after using her brain and her nose, too! A tired dog is a good dog! 

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