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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nosework - Getting Ready for Christmas!

Today at k9 nosework class, the dogs searched through wrapped Christmas packages to find their odor.  Treasure found all of her hides quickly, with an added bonus that I hadn't counted on.  With all our work recently with Treasure putting her front feet up on objects, she stepped up on many boxes that she ran into while searching.  I knew right away why she was doing it.  It's not something she has done at class before.
Treasure pinpoints the source of the odor ... holes drilled in the top of the box letting odor out.
I hadn't thought about the implications of teaching her to step up onto objects on her nosework activities.  I was happy to see that she just kept searching.  She was not waiting on the boxes for treats or a release.  She would step up and then just kept walking on to the next box. 
After their searches, the dogs got together for a photo shoot which had been set up for them.  It was great fun and we got some wonderful pictures!


  1. Oh my those Christmas snaps are so cute. Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Well, I am officialy a huge Treasure fan! She is so adorable and smart. Great job of not only giving her a loving home but also a fulfilled life. I bet she is doing the same for you! I look forward to following Treasure's adventures and seeing what you guys are up tp next!
    Take care!!

  3. t wwas so much fun to have Treasure in class... she actually :painted" the scent cne with her nose

    1. We miss class Lynne, but she still loves her searches. We don't do as much anymore but she hasn't forgotten!