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Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Year of Firsts

Wow, Treasure has been with us one whole year already!  Have you ever stopped to think about a significant period of time?  Sometimes it seems the year has gone by so very fast.  I find myself surprised that it's been that long.  It seems like just a short time ago that I made that drive to pick up Treasure for the first time.  But sometimes I find myself surprised that it's only been one year.  It seems like she's been part of the family for so much longer than that.  Does this happen to you, or is it just me?

It really starts to sink in when I look at the puppy Brinks and realize that he's no longer a little puppy. He's now becoming all grown up.  If you remember, Brinks came home the very next morning after I picked up Treasure.  He has grown up with her.  When Brinks was small, Treasure wrestled and played with him all the time.  He napped next to her.  She taught him how to find the air conditioning vent and lay on top of it when the unit kicked on.  Together they learned where they fit into our family.

Now, Brinks is bigger, stronger, and a bit more enthusiastic than Treasure.  He would rather run and chase and tumble with the other dogs who aren't as calm as she is.  But he watches out for her and always greets her by licking her face all over enthusiastically.  She graciously tolerates these face washings.  Every once in awhile she will engage him in a short wrestle.  But it doesn't last very long before he overpowers her and she tires of the game.  When Treasure doesn't realize that we've moved to the next room or that the dogs have all come inside, Brinks will run back to her and touch her to let her know which way she should come.  I never taught him that; it's just something that he does. 

Treasure and I have had our year of firsts now - first class, first bath, first therapy visit, first snow, first road trip, first holidays, and so on.  It seems that passing each of these milestones has brought us into a kind of comfort - a familiarity perhaps.  She is completely at home here.  She is so full of confidence.  There is nothing we can't do together. 

I watch her run up her set of steps to my bed every night, trying to be the first to get her bedtime cookie.  Was it really that long ago that she waited cautiously for me to help her go up and down them?  Now, if I look away for a second, I miss it she's so fast! 

She gets impatient when I spend too much time at the computer and pokes me with her nose.  If that doesn't work, she puts her front feet up on my leg.  Usually, that will do the trick.  She will get a pat and an ear rub just because she's so darn cute! 

Treasure's favorite time of day (besides anytime she gets food!) is floor time.  I lay on the floor and all the dogs crowd around me.  Some just to lay by me for belly rubs.  Some bring toys to be thrown or tugged with.  Treasure comes and plays with me by pushing me with her head and pawing at me.  Sometimes she plays King (or Queen!) of the Mountain by climbing on top of me.  She's quite content to be right in the middle of the crazy dog pile! 

Happy One Year Anniversary Treasure!

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